Saturday, 24 May 2008

After the HSG...

well i will start from the begining, we got to northampton after an hour driving from leicester, signed in in reception and went to wait out side the room, i had to go and get changed into a very sexy hospital issue dressing gown thingy and then i was asked for a wee sample, true to form, i couldnt go so had some water and then managed a few drops! went in and lay down, had the speclum inserted, and the consultant did the things he needed to do, didnt hurt too much but there was a few points when i thought i might fly off the table but it was manageable,

after it was done, we got told the news that my tubes were completely blocked and our only hope is to go for IVF...

we were both absolutely heartbroken, and we totally didnt expect it to be that.

i have returned to hospital and have had a few hours to wallow and try to digest the news, but i think it will take time....

so it would seem that we are now on the road to IVF for our dream to have a baby.....

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

quick update

well, i type this from hotel glenfield, where i am an impatient. all going well, starting to feel better now which is great, on the cf front nothing major to report really, unless you consider the horrendous bruises from where they have attempted to take blood!!! my port a cath (mark 6) is working well for a change.

on the ttc front, we went back to the fertility consultant and saw his registra which i wasnt pleased with and he knew nothing of cf, anyway it was deceided to do a HSG on me this coming friday, it is a procedure where they insert a speculum (similar to what they use for a smear) and inject dye into my womb and take x rays to determine if there is any blockges!!! not sure what to expect but i will no doubt give a full report about it. thats on friday and my lovely husband is coming from northampton to get me in leicester, take me to northampton general and then bring me back to hospital here in leicester, what a sweetie he is!

no other news really, oo me and adam took a very much needed break to london for 4 days and to celebrate our first year of marriage! which has been a wonderful year! while in london i also met up with my pen pal of over 12 years, she came over with her husband to do a europe tour and we deceided to meet up, and it was fab, i also had a tear in my eye when we had to part ways!!! i hope we meet again before another 12 years go by! the weather was fab in london and i now look like i have been to the med for 2 weeks!!

thats all for now.


some pics!

may 5th 2007, our wedding day!
thought it was time to put a face to a name, here i am at the eye last week with my fab husband.!