Monday, 20 November 2017

Well there you go...  I was looking for a good way to blog online for our up and coming trip of a lifetime ( more to follow) and I stumble across my blog  that I did many moons ago now... how buzzard to read back through it and realise what a journey we went through to get our family! Well I’m in two minds wether to carry this blog on but I’m also thinking it might be as good to delete and start again, or maybe keep this up and put some posts to sleep as I want some things to be private from my past that I think don’t need to be shared with the whole of my Facebook base!

Well let’s start simple, Harriet is 8 years old next week. 8. How the hell did that happen. She’s a feisty independent and characterful girl, who’s full of beans ! She can be grumpy and sour but she does have a sweet and kind heart and she’s got a real sense of humour and a filthy laugh!  I can’t begin to tell you how different our lives are since I last blogged. We have had a house move, lost two pets, gained a daft puppy ( who grew into a 2.5 year old cocker ha!). And I’ve left work, restarted work, and work for myself with my own ring business. My health has declined vastly and now my lungs are functioning at 47%, various reasons which I will go into perhaps another time. Harriet is in year 3 at primary school, she’s football mad, she loves animals, scooters, craft, drawing and anything messy and muddy!
Love her.

I’m out of touch and can’t add a photo ! Ha

Saturday, 1 October 2011

catch up

well , not much for me to say really except i havnt had much to write about as life has been hectic!

had 2 weeks of ivs and did them at home and managed really well, harriet was full time at nursery so that was a massive help, and everything was rosy, had a few crap days but overall it was okay,

Harriet also broke her leg 6 weeks ago, she twisted it on the slide and initally we were sent away from a and e saying it was a sprain, but after no improvement in two weeks i took her back and she had a spiral fracture of the tibia, ahe had a full leg cast on and then after a few weeks it came off but she had to have another one put on as it wasnt quite healed , but it came off yesterday and all was well! shes walking brilliantly!

i am a member of the facebook group - cystic fibrosis mummies(email me for info) and the group has really hit it off and is expanding well , many aspects of cf care withing pregnancy, cf in ivf, cf and adoption etc its all great stuff and i am proud to be co set uper!! we also lost a young woman and her unborn son which has affected everyone and made me thankful for what i am so lucky to have, x

oh yes, my little baby is almost 2 years old.... how fast does time fly!

nothing much else to report except i hate this october heat!! i should be wearing hats not summer hats!

Monday, 23 May 2011

bad blogger..blame iphone...

hmm ... i am beginning to wonder if its worth keeping this blog going, i am finding it difficult to keep it updated, mainly I blame the iphone.... i hardly ever use my lap top anymore... so this is a last ditch attempt at my blog, I am reluctant to say goodbye to it mainly because most of the difficult times in my life i have written about and are here in case i ever need to revisit them or ponder...

health isnt great this last few weeks, harriet lovingly gave me a cold and after a day i knew it would hav gone to my chest which is predicatbly did so, in the worst way, i spent 2 nights with 2 hours scattered sleep before having a 'tired' meltdown at 3am last thursday as i was unable to sleep and absolutely exhausted. none of this is helped by the fact i am unable to sleep/rest during the day due to a very active 18 month old (where has the time gone ) so I have got Cipro for 14 days , but i havent seen any improvement yet -5 days- still wheezing and creaking and have a delightfully blueish tinge to my nails and lips, my sats are when resting sitting at 90-93% i am hoping tomorrow or weds i may see some benefit otherwise i may have to admit defeat and get admitted, not bad for it being 2nd time this year for IVs, previously it used to be a 4-5-6 yearly trip... thats what looking after yourself and being reasonably compliant does.... Any way apart from that i am good. working as a nursery nurse 20 hours a week which is more than enough,although i am on sick already and been employed for only 6 weeks! but they are great about it thank heavens!

off to plymouth in 3 weeks with the in laws and sister and their kids which will be lovley just hope i can shift creaky chest by then ~! fingers crossed..

until next time...

Monday, 4 April 2011

a few pictures from the last month or so,

long time no post....again

no posting here as i have nothing to post about, health is great, home is good, and family very very good. I am also starting a new job tomorrow, Since Harriet I was working 1 day a week at pets at home, - hated it, but i got offered my old job in a nursery back. and i took it with open arms, i will be doing 20 hours a week, one full day and a morning and an afternoon per week, which will bring a bit more cash in, and get me out the house, i am so pleased i will be doing something I actually want to do and i love working with kids, although i much prefer my own but no one is going to pay me to stay at home unfortunately, Harriet is 16 months old and very much mobile! shes my best pal ever! health is fantastic, although i have a friend with cf who is quite poorly and needs a Tx, and she had a false alarm today and it has made me realise i am so very lucky to have good (reasonably) health, all things considering, hope she gets that second chance soon.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


harriet has been poorly on and off for weeks and has lovingly given it to me, so i am being admitted on monday 31st for IVs, harriet staying at home with daddy and vairous friends and family to give me a rest, :-( will miss her but i need to be well,

she has 8 teeth, and almost walking xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

a few pictures

harriet at gymbabes
E, P and Harriet at gymbabes

looking gorge at soft play

being artistic-note wrong end of paintbrush is being creative

ready for a stroll,