Wednesday, 30 December 2009

4 weeks old,

Harriet is now 4 weeks old, she feeds very well, taking between 3-4 oz 3-4 hourly, she sleeps well and stays awake during the day for a good few hours, and sleeps at night between her feeds, she was weighed on monday and is a great 7lb 1oz which is an increase of 1lb in a week!!! must be doing something right, i have been officially discharged from the midwife and now just have her 6 week check with the health visitor on the 19th jan and thats it, i just have to take her weekly to be weighed at baby clinic!

still no news with regard to her heel prick results, she will be a carrier of cf which gets flagged up on the heel prick test so am waiting for that to come through.

I still cant believe my luck that this beautiful girl is mine, and has been here for a month, i cant believe i have managed to keep her alive for 4 weeks!!! strange but i do worry something will happen to her but i am getting better as the time goes on.

post pregnancy i am doing great, scar has healed in perfect fashion, although i dont like my 'apron' of tummy that i am sporting but its getting less and less, the blood loss has totally stopped, and my emotions are back on this planet. my chest is doing well, only a slight cough, but i am at clinic next week. i weigh less than what i did when i was first pregnant- which was too much so still going to try to lose a bit but xmas not helping-

and i can now drive!!! yipee!!

my life has changed so dramatically and its tiring and exhausting at times, it is absolutely worth it and i am still on cloud 9, i have my family....

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

15 days on....

i cant believe i have a 15 day old daughter.... i really cant, it doesnt seem real that after all these years that the baby lying in the moses basket is actually mine... i dont have to give her back, she is all mine. She is the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to me and adam, she has changed our lives forever and its all good, she sleeps well, feeds well and is an absolute joy when she opens her eyes to look around,

i am absolutely shattered but thats expected with a newborn baby, adam has gone back to work for 4 days which has been ok so far, i will post a birth story at some point but i cant quite get the time needed to write it, but all went ok with a few dramas here and there!!

chest is doing ok, tiny bit chesty but am managing to keep it at bay, xx


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Harriet Georgina Smith 1st december 2009 5lb 9oz

our long awaited daughter has arrived, she is absolutly perfect in every way and is such a wonderful baby for her mummy and daddy...