Friday, 25 September 2009

well 26 weeks and on the countdown...

title says it all really,

i am 26 weeks and counting! obstetrician has talked about inducing me at 36 weeks, which is fine by me to avoid my diabetes going out of control and to keep the pressure off my lungs. this means only 10 weeks to go!!! and baby will arrive early december and hopefully we will be nice and tucked into our littel family life for christmas!!! cant wait.

baby is moving about lots and lots, kicking me in my bladder as she is currently breech!! she is growing nice and well according to our 7th scan last week.

had a very stressfull week as my mother thought she was having a heart attack but it seems she was fine but not sure what the cause of her chest pain was but it was still scary for me, work has been rubbish and i havent been sleeping well, so i have been signed off work till next week which is when i was going to leave work anyway so i am now a lady of leisure!!!

nursery is done and will post pics very soon, and we bought our pushchair last week, a smart quinny buzz3 :-) i cant quite believe i am 'allowed' to be in this little club and i can indulge on things for our lovely baby, after 4.5 years its all i ever wanted and every night i cant get comfy i am pleased its because i have a baby in my tummy. i am so lucky, i really really am.