Tuesday, 29 April 2008

what a week

well, where do i start,

i was made redundant on wednesday, came as a huge blow, shocked me to the core, i went home early as i couldnt face being there, i felt like such a failure. but now i have slept on it for a few nights, i think its a good thing and cant wait to get out of there, last day tomorrow. then i am going to take the month of may off, and go into hospital as i am in desperate need of getting some IVs. and basically chill out! also going to go on my mini holiday..... yay!

on the ttc front, its cd 25, so its just waiting for either af to turn up, or hopefully, i will be pg, but i dont think i will be this month even though we did everything 'right' i just doubt it. how awful is it to have to do things right, rather than being all relaxed and carefree (as i was when we first started!)

also on the 7th may i have our fertility consultation so hopefully we will go on from there and know what the next step is.


Friday, 11 April 2008

tfi friday

well no more clomid this month for me, which i am releived about, i have been reading the book, 'taking charge of you fertility' by toni w. its great to learn some things about my body!!!

i might chart next month. maybe.

off to have a birthday lunch with my friend M.

and then a relaxing weekend planned, i am going to get some pictures up tonight i hope!


Wednesday, 9 April 2008

day 4 clomid

wow all i can say is hot flushes!!!!

chest playing up a bit but going to try to hold out for another 4 weeks, hopefully.

got a few weddings and a trip to london and our most important consultant appointment (may 7th) so i want to get all those out the way before i embark on a tune up!!! lol

i am trying to shift some weight as well (as i am a chubby cfer!!) so its just fruit and cereal in the day which is getting tiresome,


Monday, 7 April 2008

2nd cycle (march)

sorry for blogging a lot later than the actual event,

anyway, started 100mg clomid this month, had a tracking scan and my follicles were at 8.9mm and a whopping 22.2 mm which looked as if it was about to pop according to my consultant, good news i thought, and we got busy, my cycle was a 30 dayer and i cried again when i period arrived, i keep thinkng, if i expect it to not work i will be ok, but every month in the 2 week wait (2ww) before af is due, i get so incredibly hopeful and happy and then i come crashing back down again, we have a fertility appointment on the 7th may so will see what he suggests really, i am hoping they will do a hsg (type of x ray on your womb and fallopian tubes) and then start on IUI maybe, one thing is for sure, i cant carry on like this for another year or 2, i want to be pregnant and then i can actually start moving on with our lives.

good news is that i need no more tracking scans whilst on clomid!

anyway less of woe is me.

today ( monday) is cd 3, day 2 of clomid 100mg and only having the odd hot flush, i am so going to make an effort this month, going to take robitussin, drink grapefruit juice, and be as 'active' as we can.

my chest is clear ish for me and i think i have a clinic appointment this month, but i am going to go into hotel glenfeild hopefully in may, after our anniversary weekend in london, adam has been a star and aggreed we could go and see wicked in london, cant wait, i love going away, makes me feel like me again and not thinking about pregnancy or babies or cf. joy of joy.

not sure if anyone will ever find this blog remotely interesting, as i dont have much knack for writing, but it feels good to write down my thoughts and one day it might make an interesting read when i am old and grey....