Wednesday, 2 July 2008

first step of our IVF journey

well we have had our first appointment since the hsg and we have finally got our long awaited answers, there is no chance to clear my tubes, as i have cf, i will always produce more mucus so it wont help solve the problem. Our consultant said that we were about to start a new journey, and i thought i was about to cry at this point, but i was ok! I have to have some swabs and bloods to check for chlamidia and rubella, and something else, and then we have to see the nurse for both of us to have HIV and Hepatitus tests, then one more appointment to go through our application for NHS funding, and once we get the go ahead from the panel, we are in the system and we can start when my cycle allows it! so within a few months we could be really starting it!

i had a wobble in the car on the way home, as i was so over whelmed, and i still hadnt let the thought of IVF really sink in, I have really struggled with comming to terms with the whole process, but this evening, i am really starting to get excited about it, its our biggest chance of starting our family that we are going to have, and i cant wait to start.

so in the meantime i am going to get my bmi to an acceptable level, which will take hard work but i am not letting that be a reason not to start right away, i am going to go into hospital hopefully in about september so i am in tip top condition, i am going to do the best i can,

steady feet dont let me down.....