Saturday, 1 October 2011

catch up

well , not much for me to say really except i havnt had much to write about as life has been hectic!

had 2 weeks of ivs and did them at home and managed really well, harriet was full time at nursery so that was a massive help, and everything was rosy, had a few crap days but overall it was okay,

Harriet also broke her leg 6 weeks ago, she twisted it on the slide and initally we were sent away from a and e saying it was a sprain, but after no improvement in two weeks i took her back and she had a spiral fracture of the tibia, ahe had a full leg cast on and then after a few weeks it came off but she had to have another one put on as it wasnt quite healed , but it came off yesterday and all was well! shes walking brilliantly!

i am a member of the facebook group - cystic fibrosis mummies(email me for info) and the group has really hit it off and is expanding well , many aspects of cf care withing pregnancy, cf in ivf, cf and adoption etc its all great stuff and i am proud to be co set uper!! we also lost a young woman and her unborn son which has affected everyone and made me thankful for what i am so lucky to have, x

oh yes, my little baby is almost 2 years old.... how fast does time fly!

nothing much else to report except i hate this october heat!! i should be wearing hats not summer hats!