Monday, 25 January 2010

oh yes i have a blog....whoops

firstly, huge congratulations on my fellow cf mummy Emma, having given birth (traumatically) to her lovely little boy, Tedber. well done emma and brad......

harriet is 8 weeks old tomorrow. where has the time gone, she weighed in at 8lbs 9oz last week at 7 weeks, and has passed her 6 week check!!!! she is in her own room and sleeping at 5 hour stints at night which is good. she is such a lovely little baby and is starting to smile for me and daddy, the only picture of her smiling is from my phone which i will try to post pics of...

cf wise doing ok, not bad just starting to dread ivs and how i will cope at home doing them or cope being in the hospital with Harriet???? gah.

thats all i have time to write today...

Monday, 11 January 2010

6 weeks old

well 6 weeks tomorrow,

harriet is doing really well, she weighed in at 7lbs 5oz last thursday, so up nearly 2 lbs on her birthweight,

she is feeding well and sleeping ok ish, she has good nights where she sleeps lovely and only wakes for 1 feed about 2 am, and the other odd night where she is grumbly and makes lots of noise, which doesnt bother her, just me listening to her keeps me from sleeping as she is still in our room,

i went to glenfield hospital last week just to have my lung function tested, and i am relieved its at 74% which is about what it was at for all my pregnancy, its just hard to try to remember to take everything i am supposed to as i am that preoccupied with taking care of a newborn that by the time i realise its almost the end of the day! but i am going to try harder!

no other news other than its been snowing and we havent been able to get out much, oh and adam has gone back to work so its me doing the night feeds which is ok but it will be difficult if i get unwell!!!

not much interesting happens at the mo,xx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Birth....

right i will finally write it down, it will be a long one!!!

monday 30th november 35wks- I was admitted to the Natal ward at 4pm, as was planned, i had blood pressure taken and bloods, and had a trace of the babys heart for 20 mins, we were then left to our own devices, which was basically me and adam talking about the next day and how we were feeling, we were both pretty shocked at how fast time had gone from about 28 weeks time just flew! we also did lots of take a break puzzles!!! adam had to leave at 10pm so it was just me, at about midnight a doctor came to site a canula ready for tomorrow, she came witha green canula which was massive and i knew it just wasnt going to happen, although the doctor knew best and tried 4 time before admitting defeat ( i have a port but i wont let anyone touch it who are not sure what it is - and i dont usually go to northampton for cf related care so they had no knowledge) and saying she would send the anethetist to try, at 2 am another doctor came and tried another 3 times with no joy, i wasnt sleeping anyway as i was so so nervous and scared... then at 3am the anethetist came and used lidocane to numb an area and joy of joy he got a green canula in!!! horray!!! so i spent the rest of the night trying to doze, and at 6 am i was given a tablet to stop sickness, - i wasnt allowed to eat from 12midnight before- and then i had observations done and stockings put on and before i knew it adam had arrived at 8am and i was then taken with adam and a student down to the delivery ward, i was taen to HDU and had to gown up and sign the consent forms etc,

1st December 2009 - 35wks 1day - at about 9:05am i was taken to theatre, adam went off to change and then was waiting outside theatre for his cue! i was sat on the table and they tried to get a second line in, as a just n case but they couldnt site one, presumeably ruined from the night before, so it was left as i had one in. then iwas tod they were going to start the spinal, it was traumatic to say the least. i was crying and i was really really nervous and it hurt like hell when the anesthetic went it, it felt like lead gong down my spine into my bottom! and then my legs felt like they were drunk, if that makes any sense! then my bum went all warm!! i was over my tears now and was feeling very jovial about how my bottom half was feeling!

i was set up with a sliding scale and a bag of fluid and then i was laid down and had the sensory tests to make sure i was numb, adam was allowed in and i was ready to go, i was being pushed and pulled and i thought they were getting ready so i asked when they were starting and i was promply told it had already started!!! which shocked me as i was still convinced i could mve my legs if i really tried! they said they were going to push on my stomach to get the baby out, as they did the pushing i couldnt breathe, i litterally could not take a breath in, i started to get worried and then i remember someone askingif i was ok and adam saying 'no she's not she cant breathe' then it went black, while i was out adam was rushed out of theatre in a panic and they were ready to intubate me but i came round with a mask on my face and breathing fine so panic over, i could hear a baby crying and i asked if it was my baby and i was told yes it was, that moment was amazing, i had done it, i had given birth to a little life i had been growing inside for 8 months... adam came back into theatre and sat next to me, because of the shock of seeing me poorly and being rushed out and thinking i might die, he went really pale and said he didnt feel well and then passed out on the floor, only for a few minutes, and then he was fine after a drink and sat back up! we were then told our baby was definately a girl and weighed in at 5lb 9oz and was screaming well, she had an apgar score of 9 and 10 which was great especially for a preemie. she was then brought over and we saw our daughter for the very first time, she was placed on my chest for a few minutes then adam held her, it was a very special moment and one i willnever forget seeing my husband hold our daughter, they were my family!

i was stiched up pretty quick with a long running stitch and we were wheeled into HDU and set up with monitors etc which is normal after a c section, i suddenly felt very strange and asked adam to take harriet off me as i couldnt hold her, my vision went very strange and i felt very odd, i had lost 1000mls of blood and my blood pressure went really low something like 80/40 and the doctors were on the verge of giving me a transfusion but my bloods were ok, after a hour or so laying back and having 3 IVs of fluid being pushed into me i started to perk up, and once i was stable we were left to enjoy each other and i had some skin to skin with Harriet, i offered her the breast but she didnt take it so she had some formula, we had to stay in HDU for 24 hours (normal is 6) but i am glad we did as the care was fantastiic, and i never had any problems in gettin pain meds or something to eat, i had excessive thirst and drank 9 litres of water that day and night, and had to have my catheter changed 3 times as it was full,

recovery wise after a c section for me was so quick, i was up walking that evening after having her and had the dressings off the next day, it was uncomforatble but maneageble!

it was a lovely experience as we got our daughter from it, but it was very nerve racking but a lot is to do with fear of the unknown, but everyone was so good at reassuing me,

i had 'extra' in the way of monitoring because of my cf and had extra anethetists and great physio care afterwards,

well done to getting this far, feel free to ask any questions,