Friday, 23 January 2009


well in typical fashion my period was late by 10 days which normally i couldnt care less but it means my february one will be later so it looks like we will be starting late feb / early march which is fine, we only get one go at ivf on the nhs here in northamptonshire which is a shame, but we hope it will only need one go, but doubly hard to take in is that we will only be having one embryo put back as the doctors think it would be too much of a risk for a mulitple pregnancy, which i unerstand but a teeny part of me would like 2 put back, our infertility nurse has still given us a 40% chance of sucess with one embryo which is still grearter than the natonal average for 2 embryos (26%) lets just wait and see!!!

i am currently just out of a 10 day stint in hospital and doing home IVs which is ok, i was quite depressed in ther and wrote some entimental things down which i might put on here when i feel braver!!! anyway i am going to enjoy my weekend of nothingness and prepare for back to work on wednesday!


no post writing in december, silly me, a few reasons why not, i cant go into them but it involved families and being upset..... on a good note we had an appointment at care fertility clinic in december and as long as my cf consultant gives his approval for anesthetic and all the possible problems due to my cf and diabetes, we can go ahead and start 'cycling' (meaning we will be starting our ivf treatment ) as soon as i get my period due in early feb!