Thursday, 28 February 2008

2ww and a chest infection

well i am cd30. 10 days post ovulation, and nothing to report. i am tired but thats normal for me. also started being chesty today so i think i will need to up the nebs i think. oh well, i am due to go into hospi in the next month or so but i am going to try to stay away if i can help it for at least another 6 weeks. I have my 4 sisters staying over for a week while my mum goes on holiday on the 10th march.... its going to be hectic to say the least! i am lucky as well as i have an interveiw on the 10th for a company where my husband works and they are good with staff who are disabled / sick!!! fingers crossed! also fingers crossed for no af (aunt flo ie period) over the weekend! i really hope the clomid worked for us, but with no symptoms or anything its not looking good!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Side effects

well after 5 days on clomid the hot flushes have started and i am getting increasingly moody and having awful stomach pain. oh well onward and upward....

Thursday, 21 February 2008

First clomid cycle - friday 1st february

I took my first clomid tablet today. wow thinking that we have finally started getting somewhere! its also quite sad as i know it there is little chance of getting pregnant without assistance.... also to make matters worse, my sister-in-law came round and announced she was pregnant... i couldnt cope with this news and cried almost solidly for two days.... i was happy for her but it made me realise that it wasnt me, another one over taking me. oh well such is life, i knew she would one day come over with the news... on a better note, went to cf clinic and all was well, lung function at 72% so pleased about that!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

First Fertility Appointment

We got there bright and early at the lovely Northampton general hospital and we found our way to the gyneacology outpatients which was in the basement of the hospital, well we though so, we checked in and went to wait to be called, i was half expecting to have an internal scan and i was right ! i was scanned by the nurse and they had a look at my womb and ovaries, my womb is slightly tilted so she had to 'dig deep' !!! it wasnt pleasant but it didnt hurt which was good. after that was all done we went to see the consultant, Mr. Davies, He looked over my scans, and bloodwork which i had done previously, and said it looks like i wasnt ovulating! a surprise to me as i thought i was and i thought my problem would be with cervical mucus which is more stick and think in the cf woman! so he gave me a prescription for 3 months of clomid 50mg and off i went with instrustions to have follicle tracking done on day 12 to see how my ovaries were responding to the drugs

a positive appointment i think, i wasnt expecting to be going onto clomid but if the doctor says then he must know what he is talking about. well now only 3 weeks roughly untill i can start my clomid!!!


well here i am, i never thought i world start one of these, but on my journey, i have found only small snippets of other people going through the rollercaoster of ttc, when one partner (or both) have CF.

some background history:

My name is Alison, i am married to Adam. We got together in April 2004, Engaged 2005, married in May 2007.
I am 24 and Suffer with Cystic fibrosis and cf related diabetes. I take (when good) creon 25000, DNase, Ventolin inhalers and nebs, seretide 250 inhaler, vitamins, colomycin, novorapid insulin and various other things inbetween.
I have a port a cath in situ, which is my 6th port going and i am hoping this one stays as there are running out of veins!!! i go to hotel Glenfield in leicester for my treatment and go every 4 weeks for a flush and go 'in' every 3 months or so for IV treatment, which is usually colomycin and meropenim. i am allergic to many other antibiotics and the most recent was tazocin which i had an anaphalytic reaction to which was very very scary. i generally keep well, my weight is stable (i am a chubby cfer!) and my lung function, when well is about 75%, when i am unwell it can go down to 55% .

we decieded to try for a baby after many talks about how it would affect us, would I be able to cope with being pregnant, with a baby, with a toddler ? would i fit in my treatments, what would we do when i was in hospital? in the end we decieded that we would go for it as we have a great family and social network to support us and i didnt want to wait till i was older as my health would not have been in peak condition. This was in January 2005. After trying for a year we thought that we would continue another year and see where it got us, i remember thinking, ' i want it so much it will happen naturally' and after the next year, Jan 2007 we decieded to get married in the may and we said we would go to the doctors if it hadnt happened. i honestly thought we wouldnt need to go, i was convinced it would happen by the wedding and that would be that.
When it didnt and at the end of may i finally plucked up the courage and went to see the gp and my cf consultant, firstly adam had to have blood taken for a genetics test to see if he was a cf carrier, the results came back within 10 days to show he wasnt a carrier for the most common genes which takes our chances of having a cf baby down to 1 in 665 or there abouts. this was low enough risk for me.
When i spoke to my GP she referred us to a fertility clinic at northampton and by november we had a letter asking to book an appointment. great things were finally starting to move on wards although it was a strange time as it was like admitting defeat and that we couldnt do most thing others can do sometimes by 'accident'!! january loomed and it signalled the 3 years we had been trying to conceive (TTC) our first appointment with the fertility clinic was on the 11th january....