Friday, 27 November 2009

steroids over with.... 4 days to go

have been released from northampton hospital, after having steroids. it was a long stay (4 days) but made even longer that i was on hourly obs, hourly bm's and there was no tv or radio at all,. ah well, i was admitted to a maternity ward with pre and post natal women on, had steroids at 1am, which hurt like anything, then was told if my sugars remained stable or under control i would be monitored there for the next few day but if my sugars went over 10mmols twice or over 12mmols once i would need to be transfered to hdu on the labour ward, my first sugar was 10.8, fasting before breakfast and my post breakfast was 14.2 so i was whisked off down to hdu and set up on the sliding scale, it was daunting on hdu as its only 4 beds with 2 midwives and 2 hca's so its just constant, but it was mainly for women who had had c setions and were recovering before going to the ward, so it was nice to have a preview of where we would be on tuesday. my sugars remained erratic esp after tuesdsays dose but by weds night they were normal and i was returned on thursday to the pre/post natal word to await discharge, which i was at 5.15 pm!!!

all in all it was ok, just have to wait for monday when i go in again to be prepped for tuesdays delivery, i have been quite emotional today, i think i am stressed from being in and out of different hospitals for the last 5 weeks, and i keep aving moments where i dont feel ready to have the baby and that its just come too quick, and i keep having moments where i amso excited and cant quite imagine my bump turning into a baby!!! doesnt make sense but i cant make sense of my thoughts or emotions at all either!!!

its just a countdown now for monday so i am getting the house ready, tidying and sorting etc and having a take away tomorrow with our best friends and just chilling before it gets manic!!!

positive vibes and thoughts for tuesday....

Sunday, 22 November 2009

hectic few weeks!

well since i last wrote, i spent over 2 weeks in hospital with a really bad chest, increasing to pleurisy and pneuonia. for a while i was very poorly sick but i braved it through and came out the other end, still pregnant and able to breath ok....

i also had to spend my 26th birthday in hospital which i was quite sad and emotional about but about 11 am my cf nurse came to me and said she wanted me to see something so i walked with her down the hospital corridor and into a treatment room and all the staff who were working on the ward were there with balloons, cake and party nibbles and sang happy birthday which was lovely and i cried!!! it was so nice that they had done all that for me because i was spending my birthday in hospital!!!

anyway while i was in, as i was in so much pain i was on pethedine and tramadol which was like being very drunk and quite enjoyable after not having had an alcoholic drink for 8 months!!!

after getting discharged from leicester last wednesday, i had to see the obstetrician on thursday at northampton, and all the other checks, found out i had lost 3 kgs since before i was poorly so my total weight gain was 5 kgs, which at 33 weeks pregnant wasnt great (have since put 2 back on and probably more when i get weighed tomorrow) and on the scan baby was still measuring big around the tummy and leg but to be expected as i am diabetic. anyway there has been a plan of action put into place for my delivery!!! oh my gosh!!!! part 1) to be admitted to a maternity ward tomorrow at 4pm to be given 2 doses of steroids for babys lungs, and to be monitored for 48 hours as the steroids will play havoc with my sugars... so discarge by thursday, weekend at home, then onto part 2) monday 4pm admission to maternity ward for pre delivery physio and then delivery on the tuesday morning by planned c section. i will be 35 weeks and 1 day, but baby looks a good size and doctors both cf and obstetric agree baby should get out before my chest goes bad again!! so our baby will be born on the 1st december 2009, what a lovely day to be born on.

i am both scared and excited, terribly nervous about the actual operation and recovery, but pleased to be meeting our baby who we have been waqiting for nearly 5 years....

i wil update how i get on with steroids on thurs when part one is over!!!!