Thursday, 17 June 2010

Our first family Holiday

We went to hasting for a long weekend and it was fabulous!!! the weather was great, and we did many things, including a cliff railway, the beach, ate ice cream by the sea and lovely drives to name a few.

there was one moment while we were on the beach when I was looking at other familys with young children, and in that moment I though 'wont it be nice when we have a baby to do that with' - then it hit me. It truly hit me with the power of a train, I Have that.... we have our darling beautiful baby who me and adam can experience being parents to, we have that baby who will grow into a toddler and wanting encouragement to go near the sea, it shocked me that my frame of mind is still in the habit of thinking, 'when or if' when it sould really be saying 'thats us soon'

i know a lot of my posts are just gushing about how much i am in love with my baby and i am always so thankful, its been such a journey though, i am changing as a person just because of this little girl!

I am indredibly proud that Harriet was conceived through IVF and the journey we went on to have her, so i tend to bring it up to anyone, most recently a girl i went to college with in the tesco que, it emerged she too was struggling to conceive and is attending the infertillity clinic i went to, and have since revived our friendship and i like to think i give her someone to confide in and offer support to, as i had no one when it was me.


With Mummy and One of my Godmothers,xx

Christening Cake

More christening

her booties to marcher her gown, our wedding picture in the back ground xx

one from the christening....

This is Harriet with Her Mummy, Wearing her lovely gown all the way from Ireland xx

Harriet on the Beach!

toes touching sand!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


?i cant upload pics? anyone help?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Harriets Christening

6th June 2010

the day went without a hitch, and i have never known Harriet to be such a good baby, she was lovely and had a sleep in the morning then awake and quiet throughout the service then fell asleep utill halfway through the do after,

the vicar did a lovely service and we felt so welcome in the church,

Iam glad we have such a loving family on both sides, we are so lucky, harriet has so many gifts which i will relay later on, her gown was hand made in ireland as a gift from my family (anunty sineady came over and was a god parent,) as was the shawl she wore...

Harriets godparents are my best friend forever (bff!) mel, and chris, and aunty sineady... all three mean so much to me, and adam as well and we are so so pleased that they are part of harriets life as well as mine and adams xx