Monday, 20 November 2017

Well there you go...  I was looking for a good way to blog online for our up and coming trip of a lifetime ( more to follow) and I stumble across my blog  that I did many moons ago now... how buzzard to read back through it and realise what a journey we went through to get our family! Well I’m in two minds wether to carry this blog on but I’m also thinking it might be as good to delete and start again, or maybe keep this up and put some posts to sleep as I want some things to be private from my past that I think don’t need to be shared with the whole of my Facebook base!

Well let’s start simple, Harriet is 8 years old next week. 8. How the hell did that happen. She’s a feisty independent and characterful girl, who’s full of beans ! She can be grumpy and sour but she does have a sweet and kind heart and she’s got a real sense of humour and a filthy laugh!  I can’t begin to tell you how different our lives are since I last blogged. We have had a house move, lost two pets, gained a daft puppy ( who grew into a 2.5 year old cocker ha!). And I’ve left work, restarted work, and work for myself with my own ring business. My health has declined vastly and now my lungs are functioning at 47%, various reasons which I will go into perhaps another time. Harriet is in year 3 at primary school, she’s football mad, she loves animals, scooters, craft, drawing and anything messy and muddy!
Love her.

I’m out of touch and can’t add a photo ! Ha