Saturday, 15 May 2010

its may!!

we are finally into may now and for me may is always a good month, the sun should be shining, hear me i said should..... yet outside its drab drizzly and wet :-( never mind, we have had some sun... i think Harriet has hayfever as everytime its sunny out she gets red runny eyes, the poor thing. harriet is sleeping through now which is lovely and its only everyso often (ie this morning ) that she wants to get up and play at 5.30am....hmmm

1st of may last year we found out we were pregnant, i cant believe it at all how far we have come in a year, its been such a journey and i have loved every step of the way.

harriet is well on her way with foods, she love parsnip and cauliflower cheese and apple and pear, she is sucha ganit and weighed in last week at 13lb 9oz or 6.16kg, and 63cm in length, bang on 25th centile for her weight and 50th for her height!!!

we are planning harriets christening for the 6th june, and she is having the most amazing christening gown made for her over in ireland by my family who hopefully will make it over as well as bringing the gown with them and no ash cloud interruptions!! we are also attening adams sisters wedding this week so harriet will look gorge in her monsoon dress, piccys of all events to follow!

Adam is running the london bupa 10,000 on the 31st may, so we are heading down for our first trip to london and taking our daughter to our favorite city!!!

cf wise there is nothing to repeort as i have been keeping fantasticly well apart from a hangover today! seriously though i am as well as i could be and i am hoping to remain so for as long as possible!!

love to all and esp to my bff who sneaks a peek when i am not looking! xx