Friday, 22 October 2010

Monday, 18 October 2010

musing really..

At various points in my recent yers when going through emotional times, a few songs have kept in my mind as being relevant to me and what i was feeling at that particular point in my life, the first one i can remember listening to a few of the lyrics from One republics 'stop and stare'

'..stop and stare, i think i'm moving but i dont know where, yes i know that everyone gets scared,...' '.....steady feet dont fail me now...' ----this was popular when we were doing IVF and i felt quite sad/low/uncertian and this song kept me going when i felt too out of my depth or scared i wouldnt be able to cope with the IVF or worse, IVF not working,

and now that my Girl is reaching one and is such a smiley and happy baby, there is a song out that the words could have been written by me. its Bruno mars -Just the way you are

' when i see your face, theres not a thing that i would change, cos your amazing just the way you are, and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cos girl your amazing just the way you are...'

(recently sung by matt cardle on x factor....

i love my life

A few Milestones....

Me- CF wise all looks good, had a two week course of IVs at home which hopefully will see me through to next year, fingers crossed. doing home IVs was HARD work, the next time i think i will do a week in hospital and a week at home, as having to do IVS and look after harriet was extreemly tiring, and drained me, so next time i hope to arrange childcare for the first week,... my lung function was 63% at the start, which is down and at the end it only came up to 74% but my team are not worried so nor am I,

I am sadly going back to work, only for a day a week, but it still breaks my heart to leave harriet, and hopefully just doing one day a week will not make me ill....

Anyway, Harriet, she is 10 and a half months old, i cant quite believe that in 6 weeks she will be One year old. One. my baby will be one... Its just gone so speedy, and i dont think a year has ever flown so fast.... I am hoping to do her a Party but its till under construction,

she has had her third tooth cut through, and last week has started crawling and now i cant stop her!! she waves hello and goodbye, and pretends to sneeze, she still goes swimming with me and can hold onto the side without support and climb out the pool with no assistance. She weighs 18lb 9oz, and is on the 50th centile actual age and adjusted !

ireland went well,

Well Ireland went great, harriet was a dream on the flights, although i had to taste her milk (yuk) and food. she was loved by all my family and she was a baby to be proud of.

some piccys,