Friday, 19 November 2010

then and now....

19th November 2009- this was the day we were told that our baby would be born on the 1st of december, 5 weeks early due to me having been poorly for the previous 5 weeks... i was feeling excited and scared at the same time....

19th november 2010- my daughter has been to her first friends birthday party, and looked lovely all dressed up, and she will be one in 12 days time... wowee doesnt time fly

picture of her in said dress-


yes its true i have gone back to work one day a week so its not all that bad and Harriet goes to a nursery near us for the one day and she loves it so far, xx

i have had a cold but thats all so far and i am hoping to get to the end of the year and have only had 2 x home iv courses!! i have not been as healthy as this since i was about 11 so horray!
piccy of her in her new sleeping bag which is a 'tad' on the large side, excuse quality of pics were taken on my phone!

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Emmie said...

Your Harriet is just utterly scrumptious! That's all I can say! xxxxx

Oh and I hope your cold doesn't develop into anything serious hunni! xxxxx